What I Feel When I Hear You’re Pro-Trump

Donald Trump is a bigot and a sexist. My apologies if you disagree, but I hope you’ll continue reading anyway.

Donald Trump is a bigot and a sexist. Not confirmed by his own admission; after all, it’s rare you hear someone come out and say “yes, I am a bigot and I’m proud of it!” No, Donald has confirmed it the more common way, through the old adage of ‘actions speak louder than words,’ although in this case, ‘hateful words and proposed action speak louder than saying “I love the Latinos and the Latinos love me”’.

Without mentioning his high-profile shouting matches with women in his past, non-political life, since beginning his campaign, Donald has mocked the physical appearance of his lone GOP female competitor while making comments about Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly that would get you a two-day suspension from high school. When he claims he respects women, I don’t see it.

Donald has made broad, derogatory generalizations about Hispanic nations. “Mexicans…are bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” When made aware that two Boston men attacked and urinated on a homeless Hispanic man and later cited Trump immigration reform as the reason they did it, Donald said “the people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want it to be great again.”

In November, Donald called for a halt to any Muslims entering American borders, and for a database of all American Muslims. In other words, he advocated an unprecedented level of religious classification and monitoring, contradicting a core principle that the United States was built on, that being that the government shall not favor one set of religious beliefs over another.


Not to get into a different discussion altogether, but damn – talk about an impressive plan. A lot of systems!

Most recently, Donald, after receiving an endorsement from the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, chose to sidestep direct questioning that asked him if he would condemn such a group’s beliefs and behavior. It later came out that Donald, in different forums both before and after the Jake Tapper interview, had indeed disavowed the KKK. “How many times do I have to disavow people?” he asked in his Super Tuesday press conference.

Well call me crazy, but when my time comes to run for President, my answer to “would you just say unequivocally you condemn [the KKK] and you don’t want their support?” will forever and always be “Yes”. There will never be a point where I say “you know, I think I’ve disavowed the KKK enough. Could we just give the KKK a rest here?”


Okay, great. Sorry that took so long, but there was more material to choose from than I realized. This brings me to my point. I am not writing this to tell you that you’re wrong if you support Donald for President. Although he has offered minimal (zero?) concrete policy ideas thus far, I am not claiming it impossible for Donald to create positive economic policies if he is given the ultimate opportunity to do so. And I am not writing to tell you what candidate is superior and therefore more deserving of your vote.

What I am writing to say is this. When I hear that you’re supporting Donald Effing Trump for President of the United States of America, in my mind, it tells me that either:

1) You do not consider Donald to be a sexist and a bigot. I feel like I gave enough evidence above, but if you disagree, that’s okay. Or similarly, you may not see an issue with having a bigot as President.

2) You are so enamored with the policies that Donald will generate and the change he will bring (again, he’s offered nothing thus far, so you are relying on potential) that you are willing to look past the imperfect reality of electing a bigot as the Leader of the Free World.

3) Deep down, so deep you may not ever admit it, you like the bigoted, sexist, anti-everything rhetoric that Donald spews. You’ve never heard a candidate with a realistic shot of winning say these sorts of things, and by offering Donald your support, you can prop up these ideologies from the safety of an anonymous voting booth.

In my mind, these are the categorizations and/or logical processes that can lead you to become a Donald supporter.

If you are a (1), I disagree with you. If you’re a (2), I respectfully disagree with you. And if you’re a (3), wow, that sucks.

If you are none of these, I urge you to rethink things, through the frame that the grass isn’t always greener without a politician in office. “He says what’s on his mind”, “there are no other good candidates”, or “what have we got to lose” should not lead you down this path. With all the anger, evil, and hatred in the world, I can unequivocally say, there is a lot to lose.


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