Ranking the Houses of the 2015 BFFPP

This season, a common theme has been the calling out of members who bring shame to their family name by neglecting their picks. These people are often hit with the shaming bell nun. Well here we have the official ranking of all 15 houses of the BFFPP. To qualify, you simply need to be of a family that has two or more members in pool play. Don’t like your House Ranking? Bring it better in 2016.

Not ranked are classic Houses Past which no longer exist, such as House Burbank, House Pappas, and House Modliszewski.


15th: House Hamer

2015 Shame Percentage: 75%

Wow how the mighty have fallen. The house of a recent overall champion comes in last place in this year’s house rankings due to picks neglect from brother Mark. Ex-champion John did not have a quality enough campaign to recover the family name from the worst Shame Percentage of any house this season.

Westerosi Equivalent: House Greyjoy/Reek




14th: House Meservey

2015 Shame Percentage: 50%

Another house with previous accomplishments that has had a forgettable 2015 season. This house would not have been nearly this low if the rankings had come out last week; however, Jessie, in a two person battle for the unenviable (but weirdly honorable) Last Place Award, failed to make her picks, disqualifying herself in the second to last week. Very, very shameful.

Westerosi Equivalent: House Baelish




13th: House Porter

2015 Shame Percentage: 50%

The third straight house on our list that is made up of just a duo; the second set of brothers. Just like House Hamer, the Porter family name was dragged through the mud by one brother in specific, a neglectful Matthew. Think of the house, Matt.

Westerosi Equivalent: Joffrey and Tommen Baratheon




12th: House Bradford

2015 Shame Percentage: 36%

The largest house in all the land with seven members, this house’s shame percentage is not as high as others on this list due to four of the members maintaining perfect scores. The house has been brought down by continued neglect by two of its members, one official and one betrothed. League wide success evades this house, as its most impressive 2015 performance is a run at the Last Place Award by Cousin Whit who technically hails from House Montgomery-Nassif.

Westerosi Equivalent: A name that has fallen on hard times due to the questionable behaviors of house elders, however one member has a power that no one else in the land holds. House Targaryen.




11th: House Shosho

2015 Shame Percentage: 33%

Bound by marriage to the house listed above, House Shosho consists of three men from three generations. A strong family that is used to more success than 2015 brought, House Shosho would be a perfect 0% Shame Percentage if not for one fateful December week by the youngest of the clan

Westerosi Equivalent: the Dothraki




10th: House Levy

2015 Shame Percentage: 50%

House Levy is the third set of brothers to appear on this list. Their shame percentage is a bit misleading, as both brothers have missed a Thursday, but neither has missed the full week. Unfortunately Shame Percentage is a scientific calculation and therefore not subject to debate. Both brothers will finish in the top half of the standings, but neither had a strong enough season to move any higher in these rankings.

Westerosi Equivalent: Tall, blonde, moving awkwardly? House Tarth




9th: House Matis

2015 Shame Percentage: 33%

It has been an eventful year for House Matis that has seen two weddings and the birth of a child. Brother Kyle has not replicated his success from 2014, but a solid Shame Percentage leave the House in good standing.

Westerosi Equivalent: Making your picks the same week that you have a baby is about as courageous as killing a whitewalker. Combine that with Ryan’s infinite wisdom and you are left with House Tarly.




8th: House Gentile

2015 Shame Percentage: 50%

The only house to be created via marriage this very season, this house made it through the wedding weekend before the wheels came off and the Mrs  stopped caring. Matthias has fought valiantly to better the family name through an inspired campaign that has him t-10th with one week to play. That is deserving of plenty of mac-n-cheese if you ask me.

Westerosi Equivalent: I mean, Jon Snow and Ygritte




7th: House Lopata

2015 Shame Percentage: 16%

A Lopata always pays his debts and, aside from one Thursday or so per year from Dennis, always makes his picks. Brother Nick has been one of the fiercest advocates of the banishment of all those who miss weeks. A family rich in BFFPP lore with championships, perfect weeks, and last place awards amongst their pelts.

Westerosi Equivalent: House Lannister




6th: House Deane

2015 Shame Percentage: 0%

Sister Hannah was one of the final two in this year’s Eliminator before bowing out to the champion. House Deane is one of three shame-free houses in 2015, but lacks the contender of the other two.

Westerosi Equivalent: An honorable family who loves dogs, but has seen a severe decrease in quantity of members over recent years (retirements of Ben, Whitney, and TBDeane, Sara): House Stark




5th: House Martignetti

2015 Shame Percentage: 25%

A few missed Thursdays and House Martignetti would also me shame-free. This house could immediately rise if Adam, Anna, or both could make a jump from where they sit now, at t-14, into the Top 10 in the season’s final week.

Westerosi Equivalent: House Reed




4th: House Hough

2015 Shame Percentage: 16%

Two members in the North and one in the South, House Hough is competitive year in and year out. While it was a down year for Andy and mysterious Uncle Rick, matriarch Joyce finds herself in t-7th with a week to play.

Westerosi Equivalent: House Martell




3rd: House Quinn

2015 Shame Percentage: 0%

Very similar to the second place house, House Quinn is made up of a father-son duo who year in and year out have a Shame Percentage of zilch. The model of consistency in terms of making their picks, father Tim finds himself just outside the Top 10 while Peter was a finalist for the Eliminator this season.

Westerosi Equivalent: House Mormont




2nd: House Dufault

2015 Shame Percentage: 0%

Edging out House Quinn by barely besting the father son duo (7th and 58th vs 14th and 70th), House Dufault is also a model of consistency in the BFFPP. A family with championship pedigree.

Westerosi Equivalent: House Klegane




1st: House Desrosiers

2015 Shame Percentage: 25%

If you’ve kept an eye on the overall standings this season, this ranking was never in doubt. The second most populous family to House Bradford, House Desrosiers boasts four BFFPP members, with three of them currently residing in the Top 10. Uncle Guy is tied for the lead with one week to play, while Rhiann and Pam sit in 6th and t-7th. Simply put, an unprecedented level of familial success in a single BFFPP season, one that may never be matched. Finish strong, House Desrosiers!

Westerosi Equivalent: A family that always seems to be in the mix of things, with a strong matriarchal presence. Jay as Loras. House Tyrell



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