Pear Reads: Things I Find Interesting and Maybe You Will, Too

Sometimes I like to read things, and sometimes I like to talk about such things with my peers. Since I’m not much of a Facebook sharer, below are some features and articles I have bookmarked over the past year that I found worth the time – from simple awesome (in the actual definition of the word) and entertaining, to highly thought provoking. You should read some of them and we should talk about it.



Just a fantastic longer read about the Mississippi junior college football league that is essentially a farm system for major college football, full of young men who have had their share of hiccups through two decades of life. Written last October, part of the article centers around Chad Kelly, Jim Kelly’s son who accounted for 37 TDs this season for Ole Miss. It really shows the fine line between big time opportunity and throwing it all away.


For any boxing fans that are waiting for the return of exciting boxing, anyone who fell asleep during Mayweather-Pacquiao and still haven’t woken up – I present Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin – who has more excitement in his pinky than Mayweather has had in his whole career. He’s too old to be “the future”, but still has time to be “the present” for a little while. Youtube for the good stuff. GGG v Canelo Alvarez is being rumored in the fall of 2016.


If anyone used to watch Whale Wars, and wonders what the folks of the Sea Shepherd have been up to, here you go! That show was so awesome, is it still on? Just constantly harassing the Yushin Marus of the world, ah this brings me back.


“The Chase” by Eric Adelson, 2007,, you know, before ESPN turned into an organization that considered axing their best journalistic department to be the best way to produce content. What about this rural part of Florida churns out some of the fastest, most athletic NFLers (since the article was written, Janoris Jenkins, Parnell McPhee, and others have made it to the show from Pahokee).



I can acknowledge that there is a seemingly unavoidable link between complaining about the mainstream media’s coverage of the news, and sounding like a conspiracy theorist crackpot. I think its unfortunate, but I can admit that it’s there. Therefore, at risk of sounding like said crackpot: living in a country of over 300 million and a world of over 7 billion, even the most thorough of truth seekers need to, to some degree, rely on the media to inform them of newsworthy happenings around the nation and the globe. So when I stumble upon a news story that I consider to be highly newsworthy that isn’t getting the level of mainstream coverage that I think it deserves, that disappoints me. The name Robert Doggart is one such example of this. If you do not recognize the name, that is exactly my point. I consider it to be highly newsworthy for a man that ran for US Congress just one year ago to be indicted on charges of planning to completely annihilate a Muslim community with firebombs, a pistol, a machete and an assault-style rifle with 500 rounds of ammunition. But perhaps that’s just me. There’s a ton of bad stuff going on in the world, but lets try to cover it the same if its done by a white or a brown person.


By far the longest read of all, 10,000 words that refute the official Zero Dark Thirty storyline of the Osama bin Laden mission four years ago. Defending Myself From Sounding Like a Crackpot pt 2: before you roll your eyes at the absurdity of the claim, just consider that the author, Sy Hersh, is an extremely respected investigative journalist that first uncovered a US-related international coverup in 1969, and won the Pulitzer because of it. Hersh has been around the block. This is one you will want to print out, take home, and curl up on the couch with, perhaps with a highlighter in hand. That’s what the Mrs and I did on a flight home from Chicago in May. Since I read it in full six months ago, I am surely forgetting many of the details, but I can dig out my notes from my desk if anyone wants to talk shop. The extent of the mistruths alleged in the story is utterly mind-blowing, and it directly relates to my complaints of the mainstream media in the above paragraph. American citizens have been fed the Zero Dark Thirty version of events for four years, and when this expose comes out, it is nary a blip on the American media’s radar.


Alright, that’s all for me – if you need me I will be improving my tin foil hat design.




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