Tourette’s is to Sigmund Marvin as Artificial Intelligence is to Me; My Newfound Life Fear

I intended to do a similar write up this week as the last one – a look around at a handful of newsworthy world items – but instead, one subject took over my brain. It was so captivating that it demanded its own post. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!

This entry doesn’t amount to a ton more than me posting the link to an article I recently read, but I want to say some things before I do that. So I can call it a post.

Have you ever tried to outsmart society and come up with an answer to “what crazy technology is going to be NEXT that we haven’t even thought of yet?” Well my best-most-creative answer was always this: at some point in the future, television screens as we knew them would become obsolete, and instead we would watch shows, movies, sporting events etc. through a sort of three dimensional projector that made you feel like the actors or athletes were in the room with you. Imagine this, a projector coming down from the ceiling and 3D projecting the game onto your living room for your viewing pleasure? In fact you no longer have to imagine this, I have drawn a prototype of this scenario for you so you can truly grasp my genius:


Well even with the fancy prototype above, after reading this article, I can’t help but realize what an IDIOT I am, not even close to predicting the technology of the future.

The author of the article begins Part I and ends Part II with essentially the same sentiment – he’s surprised that he’s never heard people discussing such a significant subject, so let’s discuss it. So here we are. I wanted to share it with my peer group to have (potentially) intellectual conversations down the line.

The article is LONG. Kudos to you if you manage to get through the whole thing. I felt the writer did a consistently fantastic job using metaphors and analogies to weave a heavy, technical subject into everyday terms. Every time I felt like he was losing me, he compared it to something simple like spiders, and brought me back.

Finally, if you want to call me a crackpot for posting such an absurd concept, I’m okay with it. I am as far from a tech/AI expert as one could get – I don’t usually go for AI movies, although Her was weirdly decent, and Chappie looks like a future Best Picture winner. But the fact that the article has a handful of “this is happening” acknowledgements from the likes of Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Gates, I feel like I can’t be that crazy. I even ran the subjects by my personal tech/engineering expert sources!

So give it a read if you’re looking for something to expand the mind as the snow comes down tonight. Keep an open mind and I guarantee you will mouth “holy $&*%” a few times while reading!


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